When your artwork is captured into the computer, many things can be done with it and to it. If you are making giclée limited edition prints, we automatically save and backup your work as well recommend that you get a disk of your work to store.  This is the start of the archiving process.

If you have had us scan your family photos or a collection of art work, not for printing, we recommend archiving the work by saving it to your computer and backing that up in more than one other location.

Archiving also refers to the storage of the hard copy materials we provide.

We can help with both of these processes and can store our clients work for them although we do not provide a guaranteed long term solution. For long term storage, there are companies that do this, for instance; digital assets are now often stored in the “Cloud”.  The best answer is to keep digital assets backed up in multiple locations and passed on through generations through family as well as acid free and temperature controlled storage of your physical assets , negatives and other hard copies.

Depending on the job we would charge by the hour for work involving this type of archiving.