Art Cards

Bifold Greeting Cards are most commonly 5×7, which fit a standard A-7 envelope.  Other sizes are available. These are usually printed on 80# cover stock  and cut to size.

To save artists money, I usually recommend them doing the craft part of scoring and folding and packaging their own cards.  We do the service as well, but price it on a per job basis.

We are a very small shop and this is a custom service designed for small orders and usually based on giclée work we have already done.

Prices listed below may change depending on the details of your printed piece.

All work is custom. Proofing and setup charges where needed are extra. A minimum setup charge for cards would be $10.00 when the work is already laid out in one of our templates by the artist.  To do this for one card would be $30.00. With many cards and a standard layout this cost can be greatly reduced.

Color Greeting Cards, blank on inside on 80# cover stock

100 200 400 600 1000 1000+
8.5×11 $85 $162 $294 $384 $582 call
4.25×5.25 $65 $124 $225 $294 $445 call
5×7 $90 $171 $312 $407 $616 call