Selling Your Art

There is widespread acceptance of giclée prints in the fine art market. Artists and photographers are using advanced giclée printing processes to create editions, both open and limited, that add value and increase the exposure of their work. The technology has advanced beyond traditional methods.

Print on Demand:

Your digital file is your digital asset. Once your file has been prepared and color corrected as proofs prove necessary, we archive the file and all your color preferences. This archive process is performed at your request, and there is no additional charge for archiving. As you want re-prints, just let us know and we’ll pull your file from the archive and print it – no recurring costs to you except for the printing.

Added Value:

Giclée printing both increases the value of your original artwork, and allows for increased exposure and sale of your work via single prints or editions. Instead of just one product, a piece of art can provide you with many different products to sell. The original often becomes more valuable when viewed as worthy of giclée editions. The giclée prints themselves are valued products, and their lower cost often allows customers to collect and fall in love with your work, leading to future sales of other prints and originals. Galleries love displaying works when they can sell not only the original, but multiple giclée prints…thus maximizing the effectiveness of their display space. The printing of additional products like cards and posters also increases your ability to make a good living with your talent and work.

Pricing Editions:

Limited editions of giclée prints typically run between 25 and 250 with 5 or less artist proofs (or APs). The count of an edition relates to the pricing of the prints: the lower the edition count, the greater the perceived value. Prices are often graduated so that as the edition sells out, the price increases. giclée prints are usually priced at less than half of the of the original artwork for artists and approximately half the price of the original photographic print for photographers.

Additional Products:

Digital imaging and giclée printing also allows artists and photographers to reproduce their images in different sizes and formats for increased profits. Greeting cards, small prints, and posters are just a few of the additional products available to you through digital printing technology.

Certificates of Authenticity:

A certificate authenticates your print, and contains information on you the artist, the original work of art, and the print and printing process itself. This is a great marketing tool, as it assures buyers that they are purchasing a limited edition, high quality giclée print produced by Swanson Images, with all the assurances our reputation provides. You can produce your own certificate, or request official Swanson Images certificates for a minimal fee.

Display and Sell at our Online Gallery:

One great advantage of working with Swanson Images is that your art can be displayed and sold in our online gallery. It is a valuable tool to give your work presence and accessibility, along with your traditional marketing methods through galleries, direct sales and art shows. Our online gallery can compliment these methods and is a great way for you to supply your work to your clients easily, especially if you do not have a web site of your own. Just give them the web address of your page on our site, where they can view the variety of giclée prints you have available. There is no charge for your presence in our online gallery, though commission of 25% upon sale is required. It is available at your request for all images printed by Swanson Images.

Featured Artist:

Once each quarter, we select an artist to be featured on our home page. If your work is selected, and if you approve, you can send an artist bio and/or statement and the URL of your own web page if you have one. Your work will be featured for three months, then move to our archive of artists, and may continue to bring new customers, gallery inquiries and other interested partners for years.

Create your own Web Site:

A web site can be a valuable addition to your marketing plan. It increases your professional credibility, gives potential galleries easy access to your body of work, and provides customers with a way to view and order additional pieces for themselves and as gifts. If you do not already have your own web site, the digital images created for giclée printing can be easily optimized for web pages. Swanson Images can provide you with references for web programmers to assist you, economically and professionally, in creating and managing your own domain name and web site.