Meet some of my artists


Here is an opportunity to get to know the art of some outstanding people, whose exceptional art and philosophy is worthy of attention. Enjoy!

Mike Hupp

Decades of back country experience and a true love of photography, Mike capture places at times of magic and energy.  With a painstaking eye for detail he brings me amazing scenes to render into art prints.

To see  Mike’s work  go to

Gail Domanski

Working in watercolor Oils and other media her work has graced the cover of Edible Shasta Butte and is shown in local galleries. A relative newcomer to the arts, her perceptive sensitivity and emotional depth makes her work captivating and intriguing.

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Candace Miller

Sculpture with animé.. her work comes to life and has a life of it’s own with whimsy and stories sequestered in the unusual and appealing forms created from found objects and carressed in an amazing other worldly beauty. 

Please visit Candace Miller’s website at

 Chris Messer

Chris works in a variety of media and conducts a wide range of workshops. Well educated in the arts and witha giving personality Chris not only creates beautiful paintings and jewelry, she gives workshops and classes for others to enhance their craft and artistry.

Please visit Chris Messer’s website at

 Sabrina Abbott

Sabrina is one of the most up and coming artists in Europe. The quality of her work speaks for itself and her clarity of vision is at once refreshing and endearing.

My work is an attempt to capture the essence and energy of the objects I portray.” 

Please visit Sabrina at

 James Gilmore

With an extensive background in fine art photography and long experience in museums and always on the trail of his next photographic art statement, James’ work always involves his viewers in the bigger questions and the wonders of nature and mankind.

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 Chad Hawethorne

Chad is a realistic nature artist whose love of animals (reptiles inparticular) in their environments creates some of the most fascinating and unique views into these wonderous and seldom noticed worlds that are around us.

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 Cheryl Petty

Combining her artistic skills and her knowledge and passion for gardening and Bonsai, Cheryl creates fascinating artwork in an evolving process that’s a pleasure to watch.

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