Our Story


Bob’s Story is a long one, since he’s been qualified as “Older Than Dirt” by several similar characters.

So the sound bite version:

Born in Astoria, NY and raised by Dinosaurs, Came to California at age 21, Photographed since he was 9 in the 1950s, went bonkers in the 60’s music scene with a band called Lamb (Google it), got into construction, became a pretty well known architectural and corporate photographer, moved to far Northern California, Opened a Fine Art Print Making business and is living happily ever after….

I’m working on the long version, but you’ll have to wait a while for that.

The real story is that, wanting to be closer to home, I created a service for artists’ and locals who want quality, professional unique and outstanding reproductions of their work that would allow me to cut down the number of long trips required of a location photographer. I still do this location work on a regular basis and also photograph in our local area as well. 

We are currently redoing the studio on Main Street in Weed and hoping to participate in the coming revitalization of this wonderful town.

More later